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Leak Service Referral & Recognition Program - LSRR

Thousands of Pool Owners are searching the internet every year for solutions to their pool leak problems. Since July of last year over 2000 unique searchers have been referred to professionals like yourself through our consumer directed site www.poolleak.info.

As your partner in leak detection, we want to improve your access to this important new group of customers. As this program grows, we will be investing more to increase our site's position in Search Engine listings like Google and Yahoo. We also recognize a need for quality professionals to show how good they are through being ranked higher on the list. Because of these issues, we have developed the Leak Service Referral and Recognition Program or LSRR.

While free listings will still be available, subscription to the LSRR program provides for premium placement on the referral list, and the opportunity for you to better communicate your capabilities and expertise to the consumer. This program incorporates a customer feedback component which allows you to effectively monitor your customer's satisfaction and directly impacts your rank on the display page.

Free Listing:

A free listing will still be available to any company that currently uses products purchased from Anderson Manufacturing Company to find leaks. However, free listings will have less information and be displayed below any companies who have subscribed to the LSRR program.

Free listing includes*:

* Note: Free listings will no longer show service and repair capabilities nor have the opportunity for a link to your website as they have up to this point. An LSRR subscription will be required if you wish to retain this information in your listing.

Basic LSRR Subscription:

The most valuable source of business for most Leak Detection Professionals is referrals from other satisfied customers. The Leak Expert Program provides a powerful internet based tool that allows you to effectively communicate your professionalism through the voice of your customers. The program utilizes two components: First, an enhanced listing that provides for provides for better communication of your capabilities and identity. Second, an online customer satisfaction survey tool that gives you feedback on jobs you have done and provide dynamic information to your listing that reflects your professionalism.

Enhanced LSRR Listing Includes:

Click here to see a comparison of free and LSRR Listings.

Online Customer Satisfaction Survey Tool

Upon job completion have your customers go to www.poolleakexperts.com and instruct them to enter a 4 digit code that will be unique to your company. Once this is entered a simple survey with your name at the top will be displayed. The confidential survey can be completed by your customers in less than a minute. It includes questions that allow them to express their satisfaction with different aspects of the job you performed. You can view a sample survey. At any time you will be able to view the results of these surveys by logging into your www.leaktools.com account. You can also view a sample overview of all surveys taken.

The total number of surveys completed by your customers will be displayed on your enhanced listing as well as the average Overall Satisfaction score you have received. Your list ranking among other LSRR Subscribers in a particular area code will be based on the total number of surveys returned within the last 12 months of your continuous participation in the program.

LSRR Costs

LSRR participation is contracted on a yearly basis by area code. Basic LSRR subscriptions as well as optional Logo and Site Link prices are based upon the expected number of searches will be done in that particular area code, as well as the number of other service providers you will be sharing these views with. (More searches higher price, more anticipated competitors on the page lower price).

Basic LSRR Subscription/area code$20 - $390/year ($2 - $32/month)
Logo Option$10 - $135/year ($1 - $11/month)
Internet site Link$10 - $135/year ($1 - $11/month)

Please contact us for help putting together a package of area codes that fits your service area and budget.

LSRR contract must include area codes and options that total no less than $150/year.

Any LSRR subscriber can use the Customer Satisfaction Survey feature. Surveys are priced separately from the basic LSRR subscription and are pre-purchased in groups of 10 or 20 at a time. Your customers will only be able to fill out a survey if you have unused surveys available.

Pack of 10 Pre-paid Surveys$30 ($3 each)
Pack of 20 Pre-paid Surveys$55 ($2.75 each)
Pack of 50 Pre-paid Surveys$125 ($2.50 each)

Survey packs can be purchased as needed by calling Anderson Manufacturing Co., or by logging onto your www.leaktools.com account.

We hope this program will prove valuable to you and your business. Please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail if you have any additional questions or would like to see a contract proposal.

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